Welcome to Lancet Housing Co-operative Society (LHCS) Ltd. LHCS was formed in June  2013 by employees of Pathologists Lancet Kenya Ltd, a  subsidiary of Lancet Group of Laboratories.

Lancet Group of laboratories is an Internationally Accredited  Medical Laboratory Headquartered in Johannesburg – South  Africa and operating in 12 African Countries with Kenya being  the Regional Headquarters  for East Africa Operations.

Lancet Housing Co-operative Society  was formed to promote the economic interest of staff by assisting members to acquire land and build houses at reasonable costs. The primary advantage of LHCS is pooling of the members’ resources so that our buying power is leveraged, thus lowering the cost per member in all the services and products associated with home construction and ownership

We sincerely thank all members for their contribution towards the growth of our Society. We are also gratified to welcome aboard new Members to  LHCS. To them, we wish them a warm and worthwhile stay.